How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

How to get rid of sugar ants

Ants are relatively tiny creatures that can create a great deal of havoc in your home once they decide to invade. Their sheer numbers combined with their ability to move quickly means that stopping a sugar ant invasion can be quite difficult once it gets started.

However, there are some measures that you can take which can prevent the ants from entering your home or deal effectively with the ones who do make it inside. Knowledge, preparation and acting quickly can stop sugar ants from creating a considerable amount of damage to your home.
 How to get rid of sugar ants


For the most part, ants are creatures of habit and they will not invade your home without a reason. Generally speaking, most sugar ants will come inside if there is food available for them to consume. Many ant invasions start when your pets are brought inside and they bring a few ants with them. Also, having food sources near the entrances to your home is an open invite to ants.

If you can, keep the dog food a considerable distance from your home as its better to have the ants feasting near the fence instead of working their way inside your residence. Make sure your pets are protected from fleas which may also mean keeping the ants off them as well. Finally, if you do bring pets indoors watch carefully for the first signs of ants as stopping their entrance right away can make all the difference.


Getting Rid of the Ants in Your Home

However, even the best of preventative measures will not always stop an ant invasion. For the most part, the ants you see will be located around food sources such as the food bowl for pets, in the kitchen and any food scraps you leave behind. While it will take a little time, you can effectively get rid of the ants by taking away their sources of food and cleaning up the areas where they might go.

Isolating Food Sources: First things first, clean up any areas where food might be left out. The next step is isolating your pet’s food bowl by placing it in the center of a larger pan of water. That way, your pet can still eat, but any ants that try to make their way to the bowl will drown.

Clean: You’ll need to empty the cabinets, clear away the countertops and use safe, natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda to thoroughly clean your home. In particular, you want to clean all the places where you have seen the ants. This usually means the kitchen area and the entranceways where the ants first came in.

Once you have taken away their food sources and cleaned up the areas in which they have travelled, the ants will start to die off. If you should locate a nest of ants, then you can use poisons if you want although make sure that your pets and children are protected. Cleaning up these areas will kill many of the ants without having to use harsh chemicals.