How to Remove Facial Hair

How to Remove Facial Hair

Men and women regularly need to remove their facial hair. Men grow beards, while women have to deal with their eyebrows and, at times, hairs forming around the mouth. It leads to the question over how to remove facial hair. There are a few options depending on the type of hair you want to remove.

Shave the Hair
The quickest and often preferred method for men is to shave. You can either use an electric razor, do it manually or go the old-fashioned way by visiting a barbers. Shaving is also an option for women who have some hair around their lips that they want to remove. However, it is not suitable for the eyebrows.

Hair Removal Pens
There are small pens that are very much like razors available. These pens, also called wands, are small enough to fit between the eyelids and the eyebrows to work on the shaping underneath. They can also be used on the edges or in the middle to get rid of the mono-brow look. These are affordable and often run on batteries. They last years depending on the amount they are used, and make it so easy to shape eyebrows.

Plucking the Eyebrows
One of the popular eyebrow removal options at home is to pluck them. This requires a pair of tweezers and can take some time. However, it is easy and affordable for all. The problem for some women is the pain. It can leave the eyes watering for a few moments but you will get used to it. Another issue is the time it takes to do this depending on how long you leave it between plucks.

Threading the Eyebrows
Another option for women is to have the eyebrows threaded. This can be very painful and is usually done in a beauty parlor. Of course, the pain will depend on your own pain threshold and you will get used to it over time. It’s important to relax when doing this to get the shape just right.

You can see that learning how to remove facial hair really will depend on the type of facial hair you want to remove. Shaving is a popular option for men but that does not work for women’s eyebrows unless you have one of the small hair removal pens.