How to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes

How to Remove Nail Polish From Clothes

Getting nail polish on clothes used to mean the garment was ruined. However, there are now ways to get the liquid out of fabric, without needing to dye it a different color. If you are looking for how to remove nail polish from clothes you have certainly come to the right place. Here are all the tips you need.

Using Paper Towels and Acetone
For those who have linen, cotton, silk and other delicate fabrics paper towels and acetone is your best option. Start by placing some acetone on a cotton wool bud and then just blot the area with the nail polish. If the liquid is still wet, remove the excess gently first; avoid spreading it across more of the fabric.
Use the paper towels to soak up the acetone. You should see the color of the polish appears on the paper and it fades on the fabric. Rinsing the acetone off the fabric each time is necessary to avoid damaging it.

How to remove nail polish from clothes

Using a Cloth
Another option is to use a cloth instead of paper towels. You should use towels or tissue to soak up any excess polish if it is still wet though.
Blot the acetone onto the area until the nail polish comes up. You will need to keep using more and switching to a clean part of the cloth. Once it’s finished, use warm water to rinse the fabric rather than letting the acetone dry.


Try Other Nail Polish Removers
Nail polish removers will work. They just take time. The trick is to blot the area rather than rub as you would on your nails. If you rub, you run the risk of damaging the fabric and getting the coloring to other parts of your clothing.

It is possible to remove nail polish from your clothes. Give yourself some time and work on it as soon as possible. When the nail polish is wet, it is much easier to remove from fabric. Whatever you do, never smudge the coloring into the rest of your fabric. This will just lead to it spreading and damaging more of your clothes. It also makes it harder to get the color out.