How to Use Hair Rollers

How to Use Hair Rollers

Hair rollers are a popular method to make long hair curly. Smaller ones can be used for shorter hair too, or used for creating tighter and smaller curls. While they are popular, some women just have no idea how to effectively using them. Here are some simple tips when learning how to use hair rollers to add curls and volume to your hair.

Start By Dividing Your Hair
You can’t put all your hair up in one roller. It needs to be divided up into different sections. This is also great if you only want parts of your hair curly and the rest of it straight. Try three sections if your hair is thin to normal thickness. If you have thicker hair, you’ll likely need more sections.
Clip up the top and middle sections, and work from the bottom up. You’ll then need to section off your bottom section into three or four parts for your rollers.

What Size Do You Need?
Think about the size of your rollers. The larger ones will create larger curls and are great for those who want a looser curl look or those who have very long hair. Smaller rollers will create tighter curls. These could be a great option for those with heavy or fine hair, where the curls don’t stay in for very long. It takes longer for tighter curls to fall out.

Use a Bit of Hairspray
Before putting the rollers into your hair, use a bit of hairspray. You don’t need anything special when learning how to use hair rollers. Once you’ve sprayed your hair, place the tip into the roller. Now roll your roller upwards to the root of your hair. Now just clip it into place.
Repeat this on each section of your hair. Once you’ve done the lower section, take out the middle section and work on that, and then the top level.
Apply hairspray at the end to encourage the hair to hold the curls. If you did this while your hair was wet, use a hairdryer to dry the hair in the curlers. Some women will choose to sleep in curlers to help encourage the curls to hold.

Once you’re happy that the hair is ready to come out, release the rollers. Brush